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At Brisbane Roller Shutters, we are determined to offer quality roller shutters to our valuable clients in Brisbane and nearby areas. Since years, our work and service have received recognition as a leading roller shutter provider in the area with the trust of our clients vested in us.

We ensure the product is offered at a cost-effective price making it available to people of every class. Be it your residential or commercial property, we provide quality roller shutters for both based on your individual needs and requirements. Not just a supplier of roller shutters, we have trained team of employees who know the right installation procedure of these shutters.

Customer satisfaction is all that matters to us – we don’t recommend a product unless we are satisfied with the working, quality and other related properties.

Different Kinds of Roller Shutters

  • Domestic roller shutters
The domestic roller shutters is one of the demanded products we offer. For its effective combination of noise and thermal insulation, durability, strength, size range and value, most of our customers opt for residential roller shutters.
  • Security roller shutters
This is the heavy-duty roller shutters designed with a motive to protect against intruders. The roller shutters has features like stronger and heavier slats with a re-designed hinge. The hinge when closed acts like armour keeping an intruder’s efforts ineffective in getting anything in between the slats and break in.  
  • Commercial roller shutters
We design the commercial roller shutters keeping in mind the large glass frontages of commercial store fronts. The slats of these shutters have an advanced high strength, low weight combination that enables it to be designed in larger sizes with the same protection and insulation benefits as in domestic roller shutters
  • Cyclone roller shutters
It is a specialised shutters designed with a motive of protecting your home from the impact of cyclones. Tested by experts, it has received Cyclone Rating as per Australian Building Standards.


How roller shutter operate?
The operation of roller shutters rely greatly on the type you choose to buy. In case of manual roller shutters, these are opened and closed by hand. To the contrary, the automatic roller shutters are operated remotely using a keypad or fob.
Can I have roller shutters fixed against brick?
Mostly, fixing roller shutters against brick material is an easy task but it solely depends on the thickness of the brick and other associated conditions. In cases like this, you might need extra wood or timber for successful installation.
What if my electricity supply turns faulty?
Automatic roller shutters are available with a manual handling system you can use during emergency conditions as a system failure or power cut. It is a well-thought plan keeping in mind the emergency situation when people need to enter or exit the place and a fully automatic system could be too risky.
Does it require planning permission?
Usually, the properties of our roller shutters don’t require written permission but it is recommended to talk to your local council to ensure you don’t break any laws by the act. This would be the last thing to expect – a letter from the council to take down your newly installed roller shutters.
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