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Roller shutters and Security Shutters in Brisbane

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At Brisbane Roller Shutters, we are determined to offer quality roller shutters to our valuable clients in Brisbane and nearby areas. For years, our work and service have received recognition as a leading roller shutter provider in the area with the trust of our clients vested in us.

Be it your residential or commercial property, we provide quality roller shutters for both based on your individual needs and requirements. Not just a supplier of roller shutters, we have trained team of employees who know the right installation procedure of these shutters.

Customer satisfaction is all that matters to us – we don’t recommend a product unless we are satisfied with the working, quality and other related properties.

Different Kinds of Roller Shutters

  • Domestic roller shutters
Domestic roller shutters are a stylish addition to your home. With the added benifits of security, noise dampening, light block out and insulation.
  • Fire roller shutters
Protecting your home from the out side from flaming debris hitting the windows and igniting the inside of your home.

The Fireshield shutter has been extensively tested under bushfire conditions and has received a Bush Fire Attack level of (BAL) 40.
  • Commercial roller shutters
We design the commercial roller shutters keeping in mind the large glass frontages of commercial store fronts. The slats of these shutters have an advanced high strength, low weight combination that enables it to be designed in larger sizes with the same protection and insulation benefits as in domestic roller shutters
  • Cyclone roller shutters
It is a specialised shutters designed with a motive of protecting your home from the impact of cyclones. Tested by experts, it has received Cyclone Rating Category 3 as per Australian Building Standards.


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